LEONG JIN CORPORATION PTE LTD has come a long way in attaining its success in the steel industry with an impressive range of products and services including a comprehensive stock of specialty steel and state-of-the-art cutting and pre-machining facilities. Commanding a rich history of more than 30 years, we have carved for ourselves a reputation as a steel specialist and a one-stop procuement centre - a centre for solutions where steel is concerned.


 our products

Engineering Steel

Large inventory of various grades of High Tensile Engineering Steel in round bars, plates, forged blocks, flat bars and hexagon bars to cater to the industries needs. Diameter sizes ranging from 16mm to 1300mm with full lengths are available as standard stock items. These material grades come in various surface conditions; such as Hot Rolled, Forged or Peeled and some come with Precision Ground surfaces. ...

Mould and Die Steel

Wide range of Mold & Die Steel material grades to cater for different requirements in the Mould and Die Industry. Thickness range 13mm to 890mm. As delivered condition of Cold & Hot Work Tool Steel of high alloy grades for metal stamping and hot working are in Annealed condition, and for Plastic Mold steel grades, these are delivered in pre-hardened condition with hardness ranging from 180HB to 400HB.  ...

Stainless Steel

In our ever expanding search to provide current and relevant material grades for industrial applications, we have a included various grades of High Tensile Stainless steel in our inventory program to meet the industries demand. In stock are Martensitic and Precipitation Hardeded grades of High Tensile Stainless Steel in round bars, flat bars and forged blocks in "Annealed", "Normailsed, Quenched and Tempered" and "Quenched and Tempered" conditions. Round bar, flat bar and plates with sizes ranging from diameter 32mm to 900mm.  ...

Structural Steel Plate

In anticipation of the industry’s growth in the region, we have increased our inventory and stock range to meet to customer’s need and requirement. Different grades with specific Yield Strength and specifications are available for your selection. ...

Wear Resistant Steel Plate

Many selections and choices of Wear Resistant Steel Plates together with a large inventory of stock and sizes available to complement customers needs and requirements. Be it in Wear or Abrasion resistance that you need, we have it. These materials are used in industries such as mining, cement plants and quarries etc. Full size plates are available and if you require our servcie to cut it into profile, we have the equipment and capability as well. Sizes range from thickness 3mm to 120mm are available. ...


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